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My name is Ana Maria Lavin, and I am an Acupuncturist and Herbalist at the Kailash Centre in St. John's Wood, North West, London. For over 30 years I have been combining traditional Chinese Medicine with Massage, Nutritional advice and Reiki to give caring, supportive and effective treatment integrating the whole person through a system of Traditional Chinese Diagnosis and the use of acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicine.

I have in these 30 years worked extensively with fertility, infertility and with acupuncture during IVF. I have helped many women conceive after several miscarriages since I have been working from St Johns Wood, North West London. Treating women after conception and helping promote an easy labour is something that gives me much satisfaction. I also offer post natal care with acupuncture and herbalism.I started working with fertility whilst I was in Viveka in St John's Wood, North West London. I am member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network and Federation of Antinatal Education

Chinese Medicine is a centuries-old system of medicine that aims to treat the individual in a holistic way, integrating the body, mind and spirit in its approach. By enhancing natural healing abilities using acupuncture and herbal medicine it can improve many conditions. Many people come to acupuncture with specific symptom or to relieve specific pains like osteoarthritis, nausea, menstrual irregularity, exhaustion, dental pain,migraines,insomnia and other discomforts.

There are hundreds of years of Chinese Medicine experience in treating viral infections and the aftermath of viral infections.
In Chinese Medicine post viral fatigue has been treated successfully with a combination of Acupuncture and herbal medicine.
Chinese Medicine has been used extensively in China and South East Asia in the treatment of LONG COVID.
Several of my patients have had good recovery with Chinese Medicine after experiencing the virus.

Some use Chinese Medicine because they feel unwell, tired,lethargic as an aftermath of flu, aches and pains, but have no medical diagnosis. Others choose acupuncture to enhance wellbeing and stamina.Many patients come with conditions that have not improved with allopathic medicine or symptoms that do not fit into a particular diagnosis. As Acupuncture comes from a different paradigm, it is easier to put these symptoms together and come out with a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis that makes sense to the patient. Acupuncture then balances the internal organs and resources of the body and the symptoms disappear.
One of the enemies of our Western way of life is stress. Acupuncture is extremely relaxing and also helps detoxify the body. Relaxation is essential to the good functioning of our bodies. Our bodies are amazing and have everything necessary to heal disease, but we need to allow it to function well. For this we need relaxation and a good lifestyle. Chinese Medicine facilitates this.
Many fertility issues can be resolved by just helping the body to get rid of the stress and allow the body to function freely.

I work from Kailash Centre in St John's Wood in North West London.Kailash is a very beautiful, relaxing clinic located in St John's Wood, near to Regents Park and very easy to access by public transport. Or a short walk through Regents Park from Baker Street station.
Easily accessible for Central London and the City.

Pregnancy rates double with Chinese medicine. Read whole article here Pregnancy rates increase
Chinese Medicine has a very long history in addressing infertility, recurrent miscarriage and other areas of fertility. In modern times, it has integrated its ancient principles of Yin and Yang with Western female physiology,giving rise to an excellent understanding of this subject and how to approach it with herbal medicine and acupuncture. The same is truth with regards to IVF,where well researched protocols are used to enhance the process. Acupuncture is ideal for IVF support as it helps relaxation during the whole process. The best way to use Chinese Medicine together with IVF is using it for 3 months before down regulation I order to help the body be in its best condition. Then during stimulation of the follicles to enhance their growth and during embryo transfer by using the German protocol. Relaxation is essential during the wait for the pregnancy test, acupuncture helps keep relaxed at this stage. Chinese Herbal Medicine is used in the 3 months of preparation. If there is a history of miscarriage, treatment can be used after conception until your scan confirms the pregnancy,continuing throughout the pregnancy until delivery.
Acupuncture in St Johns Wood, North West and Central London is within easy reach for CRM, ST John's and Elizabeth, Harley Street, ARCG and the Wellington Hospital.

If you would like to see the location of acupuncture in St Johns Wood there is a google map in the contact page.

"I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for the support you showed me over the last few years and your willingness to send me herbs even to overseas countries like Jakarta! I know they made a massive difference to the way I felt and I am sure to my overall health and let's face it, I had a baby at 46 after all. So they worked!

A lot of gratitude to you, and I am looking forward to staying in touch as and when, and of course for appointments when I need them.
Nicola 2016

To find out more about Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs click here, and for more information on how Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can help improve fertility or provide support through IVF or pregnancy please click here.

"I have been a patient of Ana Maria's for many years and credit her with helping me to conceive and carry 3 healthy babies to full-term along with other balancing and correcting other chronic health problems I have had.

Ana Maria's many strengths include decades of clinical experience, a great understanding of chinese medical theories with the addition of her personal insights, and a fantastic working knowledge of the application of chinese herbal medicine appropriate for the western individual. These combined with an intrinsic ability to understand what makes people tick and a compassionate but no-nonsense way of interacting with patients make Ana Maria my first choice of practitioner to whom I recommend friends and patients.

Fiona Lyburn, Acupuncturist

Acupuncture herbal medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine in St John's Wood, North West and Central London. Acupuncture before and during pregnancy, post -natal for relaxation, fertility, during IVF, for arthritis, nausea and back pain, conveniently located for Regents Park, Maida Vale, Swiss Cottage, Belsize Park, Hampstead, Central and North West London.

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